What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Church

Bob FranquizGeneral

It’s hard to avoid the buzz about the new Star Wars movie coming out today.

Everybody’s talking about it.

Disney’s done their share of advertising but right now, they are getting more free promotion than they know what to do with.

I think there’s a lesson in this for us as Church leaders. 

I remember years ago when getting the word out about our church was hard.  We would spend $10,000 on direct mail and see only a handful of people attend.  It was like surgery with no anesthesia. I finally understood what cruel and unusual punishment was.

Then we started making strategic changes in how we communicated with our community and we learned how to use media like direct mail, Google and Facebook correctly to invite people to our services.

It was at that point that I read something that struck a chord with me.

It was the flywheel concept from Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great.” The basic idea is that when your turning the flywheel, it’s a lot of work and you’re producing all of the energy to make it happen.

However, once the flywheel picks up momentum, you don’t have to put as much effort into it and you get even better results.

That’s what happens when you create buzz in your community.

People start talking about your church and then your marketing is fanning the “buzz” flame that’s already going.

Creating buzz is the secret sauce to reaching people every single week without feeling like you’re pushing a truck uphill in the snow.

Part of that creating buzz is simply giving your people the tools to invite their friends and family on social media.

That’s why I’m giving away 6 Customize-able Church Flyers that you can use to create buzz. 

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