What Pastors can Learn from Will Smith

Bob FranquizGeneral


Dear Pastor,

In the movie industry, July 4th is called “Will Smith’s holiday”.


Because he owns that weekend at the box office.

Think of some of his movies that were released on July 4th weekend:

– Men in Black
– Independence Day
– Men in Black 2
– Hancock
– Wild Wild West (OK, that movie was horrible. So we’re going to give the Fresh Prince a mulligan on that one)

For a movie studio, July 4th weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year.

So they make sure they put out the best movies on that weekend to maximize the day.

What does this have to do with your church?


It means we have to maximize every possible Sunday the calendars gives that we can use to reach people.

Mother’s Day is such a day.

No one says “no” to Mom on Mother’s Day.

So use that to make Mother’s Day one of the biggest Sundays of your church.

I believe I can help you make this Mother’s Day the biggest in your history.

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Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship