What I’m Reading

Bob FranquizBooks

A question I get regularly is, "What have you read lately?"  

While I'm more than happy to answer the question (talking about books is one of my favorite things to do), I wanted to let you know that I have an entire column on my blog dedicated to the book that I've read recently.  

This seems absurd if you're reading this at bobfranquiz.typepad.com, but since hundreds of people read these posts via RSS feed, they have no idea what's on my actual blog. 

Anyway, if you click here, you can see everything I've read lately. I don't recommend all of it (if you want my book recommendations, those are in the www.church-strategies.com newsletter, which you can subscribe to here), but it will inform you what I've been doing during the hours that I should have been sleeping ­čÖé