What Do You Know about Meat?

Bob FranquizChurch

I was at a steakhouse on Monday night picking up some take out and the guy at the bar asked me, “What’s the difference between Pittsburgh and Char-grilled?” At first I was in a state of shock, thinking, “You work at a steakhouse. You should really be familiar with all things meat related!” But then I realized that he was a bartender and what he knows is… well, tending bar.

It did make me think about something: people who come to our churches expect every staff member to be fully versed in all things about God. It doesn’t mean every staff member is a Bible College graduate, but as Senior leaders it should cause us to make sure that every staff member under our care is growing. If staff members aren’t growing, they aren’t going to last because the church will out grow them and their leadership ability. Staff members that go the distance are the ones that make their own personal growth a priority in their lives.

By the way, Pittsburgh is cooked on a flat top and blackened and char-grilled is cooked on an open flame ­čÖé