What About After Easter?

Bob FranquizGeneral

This past weekend we had record attendance and decisions at Calvary on Easter weekend.

Close to 3,500 in attendance and 278 people making a decision to follow Jesus.

It was a weekend I’ll never forget.

But every Pastor has this lingering thought in the back of his mind: what about the week after Easter and the week after that.  Many churches will go back to being stuck in the mud.

There’s several things that churches need to do to keep growing after Easter.

Here’s 5 that you can start doing today…

#1 Keep growing yourself – growing churches are led by growing leaders. Period.

#2 Improve your systems – your current systems are giving you your current results. Improve your systems and you’ll improve your results.

#3 Develop new leaders – You can’t build a 20-story house on a 10-story foundation. In the same way, you can’t keep adding to your congregation without adding leaders.

#4 Follow up – If you only improved your follow up, your church would grow. Too many churches let people slip out the back door because they have poor follow up.

#5 Do Strategic Outreach – Leverage your calendar and create “Mini-Easters” all throughout the year.

The next strategic day on the calendar is Mother’s Day.  At Calvary, Mother’s Day is the 2nd highest attended service of the year.

To help you out we have a customized Mother’s Day bundle that we give to everyone who’s signing up for our coaching program Evangelism Ninja (14 day trial for only $1).  It will give you everything you need to promote your Mother’s Day Services and make a huge splash post Easter.

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