Weekly Mind Dump

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Here’s a bunch of things I’m thinking about…

Carey and I tried a new restaurant last night. It’s called the Grand Lux Cafe. It’s really good. It’s from the creators of the Cheesecake Factory.

Carey and I rented Lord of War – Very good movie. It’s a little slow, but it’s a powerful message.

I’m relieved – Our creative team nailed down our Easter Series. I’m really excited about it. I’ll post the graphics when they’re done.

Bo Bice was lame on American Idol on Thursday Night! The song was weak. The performance was sub-par. How was this guy the runner-up last year?

World Baseball Classic – First off, shame on you ESPN for not broadcasting n HD. Secondly, the US team doesn’t look so good. They beat Mexico 2-0 (Hardly a blow out). They got spanked by Canada (Yes, you read that right – Canada!). Then they triumphantly beat South Africa 17-0. Way to go USA!

Speaking of baseball – I went to see the Red Sox on Wednesday. They got crushed! The Marlins had their starting players and the Red Sox had their Double A team. A couple of starters did play. They did not look impressive. Mike Lowell…looked bad!

The best part of the game was hanging out and talking shop with 2 of my good friends. This one and this one to be exact.

I’m reading Brian McLaren’s new book “The Secret Message of Jesus”. So far it’s great! I should be done with it by Tuesday and I’ll review it soon after.

Steroids – Is anyone shocked by this book that says Barry Bonds* is on the juice?

We did a survey in church 2 weeks ago (Thanks Tony). Incredible info! There’s so much to tell. I’ll share it in a separate post.