Weekly American Idol Musings

Bob FranquizUncategorized

5 Thoughts about American Idol. Here we go:

#1 – Mandisa was one of the best singers in the competition. That she got voted off before Bucky is an insult.

#2 – Bucky was in his “Country Zone” and still didn’t sing well. Why you might ask? Because he’s not that good of a singer. I hope he does “Who wants to live forever?” (From the Highlander movie soundtrack).

#3 – Who wants to hear someone do the theme song from Flash Gordon? “Flash…..AAAAAAHHHHHH!” That would rule! I would vote for that person just out of principle.

#4 – Another one bites the Dust – No one will do this song, because of its’ potential implications. I love the song, but no one wants to sing that song and then be the one who bites said dust. By the way, is there any question what EVERY headline will be next week when Bucky leaves?

#5 – Chris – I told my wife the week before that Chris would do “Higher Ground” because the Red Hot Chili Peppers did a cover of it (On their Mother’s Milk album for those keeping score at home). My prediction for Chris this week: “Stone Cold Crazy”. Why? Because Metallica did a cover of it (It originally appeared as the B-side to the “Enter Sandman” single and can also be found on Garage Inc.