We’d Like to Thank all the Youth Pastors

Bob FranquizChurch

I’ve been thinking about relevant churches and why they are cutting edge and other churches are not. Why have they made the leap into reaching masses of unchurched people and other leaders have not. I think one reason is their involvement in youth ministry. Youth ministry is a place where a leader can have a great deal of freedom. To many Senior Pastors, the most important thing is getting as many kids in the door and making sure they get home alive. Think about some of the leading Pastors in America: Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, & Andy Stanley. What’s the common thread? They were all youth Pastors. So they translated the “How do we teach this topic in a way that’s understandable to youth” into church planting. And I believe we are all better off for it because they are challenging us to think along the same lines. So here’s the challenge if we believe this: Ask your youth Pastor what he thinks about how to communicate a subject. How would he share this truth to those under his care? Ask him to take out his crayon and jot down some ideas. It could make all the difference.