We won! I think?

Bob FranquizLeadership

If you haven’t been to www.practicallyspeaking.org, you’ve got to.  Come on, free Mp3’s by Andy Stanley!  You can’t beat that deal with a stick!  But I finished listening to the first interview on Clarify the Win, which is also part of The 7 Practices of Effective ministry book that Andy and Co. wrote.  But I believe the interview takes the conversation a little deeper.  They started talking about each of their ministry areas and what the win is for every area, including Sunday morning service.  I can’t tell you how challenged I was by listening to this.  It has made me think and rethink everything that we do and simply ask the question, "What’s the win?"  What was bad is the fact that as I asked my staff about ministries in our church, they didn’t know.  So I said to them, "Don’t feel bad, I don’t know either!"  I starts from the senior leaders down.  If we don’t know what the win is, the people who serve alongside of us won’t either.  We’re getting ready to put on a big event in the Fall, and I started asking the question, "What’s the win?"  Once that’s defined, I believe we’re going to have the best event ever.  So download the interviews if you want to stay up at night and not be able to sleep… oh, and you want to be more effective at every level.