We Thought We Were So Smart

Bob FranquizChurch

I remember over the summer when we said that adding a Sunday night service would relieve our Sunday morning space problems. It hasn’t.

Sunday night has turned into a church all its’ own. It’s amazing. There are moments I think I like Sunday night more than Sunday morning. The group is so excited to be there. It is primarily all singles and young couples. The band turns it up to 11. And of course, by 6PM I pretty much awake.

But it hasn’t solved our Sunday morning issue. We’re still out of space. So we’ll be adding a 2nd AM service soon… I guess I’m not as smart as I thought. But had we added a 2nd AM service and it solved our space issue, I don’t think we would have done added Sunday night. So I’m glad we did it, even if our solution to the problem wasn’t a solution. God has used it to allow us to reach a lot of people that a 2nd Sunday AM service might not have done.