Church Is Like A Video Game… (sort of)

Bob FranquizGeneral

Probably dating myself but ok, hands down, my absolute favorite all time Atari game is Pitfall.

It was the coolest game ever.

You swung on vines.

You hopped on the heads of alligators.

You jumped on rolling logs.

The goal?

Get through the jungle and capture all of the treasures before time runs out.

When I started playing Pitfall my brother told me, “Whatever you do, don’t fall into the quicksand.”

Sure enough, staying out of the quicksand was one of the toughest parts of the game.

In similar fashion, I planted my church 14 years ago and staying out of the quicksand that gets churches stuck is one of the toughest things about leading a church.

We got stuck 4 years into our church plant.

It felt awful. It seemed like the more we did to get unstuck the more stuck we got.

It was like the quicksand in Pitfall all over again.

Then we made some radical changes and our church doubled over the next year.

Now we’re celebrating a whole new phase in our church’s growth as we move into a building and we expect things to accelerate even faster.

We’ve learned so much as we crossed over different growth barriers and that’s why I recorded a webinar called “5 Factors To Becoming A Fast Growing Church.”

You can’t buy a ticket to this exclusive event…but you can check out the replay here: