Varying Your Approach

Bob FranquizTeaching

One of the things that I think is important is to vary your preaching throughout the year. I like to mix topical/ textual teaching and expositional teaching into the life of our church. Last year, I taught Daniel, Numbers, and Colossians. But I also taught a series on the church, marriage, and stewardship.

There are some subjects that are best tackled with a topical/ textual approach. But I believe it’s important to teach books of the Bible to not only ground believers in the faith, but also to give people a love for the Scriptures. As I looked at 2007, I saw that I have leaned a bit much on the topical/ textual approach. So I’m going to start teaching the Gospel of Mark on Easter Sunday. We’re going to spend the next several months looking at the life of Jesus. I can’t wait!