Unsolved Mysteries

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I was at an offsite meeting for much of the day today, but when I got to the office the place was buzzing with intrigue. Why, you ask? Because one of our Pastors, John, received 2 dozen roses from a secret admirer. None of us know who it is, and the card simply said, “Just to let you that you are admired.” (Did I mention that John is single?)

It’s funny how things like this affect people. A few people in the office were going crazy trying to figure out who sent this. Others (like me) thought it was funny and got over it pretty quick.

Then again, I’m writing about it, so am I really over it? I think so. But, whoever you are, thanks for sending them. It brightened all of our days and it gave us one more thing to torture John with!