Twas the week before we launch a new campus…

Bob FranquizChurch

Someone asked me last week what the biggest challenge has been in launching a new campus. 

Before I tell you, here's what I thought it was going to be as we went into this: 

1. Raising the money

2. Having enough volunteers

3. Getting buy-in from the congregation

Honestly, I found those 3 things easier than I thought. (they weren't a breeze, but they were much easier than I expected).

Here was the biggest thing: Making sure we are properly exporting our DNA. 

I really want both of our campuses to have the same experience. I want the highest level of quality in each location. What I've learned is that as we've made decisions to launch a new campus, it's easy to skimp if you aren't vigilant. 

I did not want this to be the "hand me down" campus where we buy really nice stuff for the "main" campus and the new campus gets all the leftovers. Instead, all the new stuff is going to Miramar and we're living with what we have in Miami Lakes. 

I'm sure there will be big challenges once we launch the campus, but in the pre-launch phase this is probably the biggest thing we've had to deal with.