Top Mistakes Part 18

Bob FranquizLeadership

#18 – I made one bad hiring decision…and it cost me

I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist, but when you are just beginning to add staff, make sure you are hiring the right person. I know they seem like a nice person, they probably are. But that doesn’t mean they really understand your vision. They might be faithful and really love God, but they may not be able to handle the inner workings of church. I have a friend that works at Disney World and he told me one of the hardest things was seeing Mickey Mouse without his head on. He told me me it removed some of the magic from the parks. It may be a poor illustration, but it can happen in church world as easily as it happens at Disney World. Not everyone can handle the pace, the drama, and the pressure that comes from serving God on a church staff. many can, and do excel. But we need to be careful that we choose wisely…