Top 5 Things I Love/Hate about Losing Weight

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Here is my top 5 for this week. It’s a double top 5 (Which does not make it a top 10). It is just a top 5 from both perspectives:

Top 5 Things I Love about losing weight:

#5 – When reading about body types, not having to check off other and writing in “Snowman Shape”!
#4 – Being able to fit into an airplane seat!
#3 – Not having to “Suck in my gut” to get the airplane seat belt on because I refuse to ask for an extension!
#2 – Feeling like I’ve done something right when I’ve eaten a healthy meal

And #1 – Being able to buy a whole new wardrobe, including underwear (OK, I think I shared a little too much)

Top 5 Things I Hate about losing Weight:

#5 – Being able to tell fat jokes (I got tons of mileage out of them in my messages)
#4 – The camera adding 10 pounds actually means something now!
#3 – Now that I fit into an airplane seat, I’m a prime target to get stuck in the middle seat!
#2 – Having to pay for my new wardrobe!

And #1 – People who visit CCML infrequently tell me what they think of the fat guy who used to be the Pastor here!