Top 5 communicators who have Influenced Me

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Since last week I talked about the books that have most influenced me, I decided to have this week’s top 5 be the 5 communicators who have influenced my communicating… 

#5 – Ed Young – I remember hearing Ed for the first time.  I was taken back by how relevant the message was to everyone in the room.  I still talk about "The Chairs" or different types of people in different circumstances of life that we preach to each weekend.  That’s a common phrase in our office.  His use of visuals and video has changed the way I communicate.  Major Influence: "A picture’s worth a 1,000 words." 

#4 – Andy Stanley – I believe Andy is THE best preacher in America!  His one-point message has changed the way I teach.  I was taught the typical 3-point homiletical style in Bible College and it always felt forced.  I remember preparing for a message once and I only had 2 points and I actually said OUT LOUD, "I know there’s a 3rd point in here somewhere!"  What an idiot!  Major Influence:  "Just make one point and make it good!" 

#3 – Jon Courson – This guy’s is just flat out amazing!  If you don’t own Jon’s New testament application commentary, you must order it, right now!  I have listened to most of the Bible on tape with Jon.  His insights are second to none, and he is an absolutely unique communicators.  He may seem a bit old school to some, but his messages are no joke! Major influence:  "Where’s Jesus in my message?"

#2 – Bob Coy – This is my Pastor.  I sat under Bob’s teaching for 8 years while attending and then serving on staff at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.  He has an amazing sense of humor and his style is so universal that I have never heard anyone say they didn’t like his style of communicating.  He’s just that relatable.  Major Influence: "A little sugar helps the medicine go down."

#1 – Chuck Smith – This is the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement.  Part of our course work in Bible College was to go through the entire Bible on tape with Chuck (That’s 323 tapes at 60-120 minutes each!).  So much of how I view Scripture is influenced by his careful study of God’s Word.  Major Influence: "Preach the Word!"

So who are the communicators who have infienced you the most?  Inquiring minds want to know…