Top 33 Victories Part 9

Bob FranquizLeadership

#9 – We Chose Staff over a building

When we started our church, one of the things I had already made a decision about was that we were going to wait at least 3 years before pursuing any kind of building. The reason? I waned to develop and train a staff that could lead and adequately meet the needs of our church. I still believe this has been the right decision for us. We have always tried to staff slightly ahead of the growth and the addition of a staff member has always brought more growth. Now we are feeling the pinch of a building project and it’s OK because I have a staff that can handle whatever is going on while we get this facility built. A lot of Pastors want a building first and then add the staff to support it. Sometimes it works out fine and other times it’s a nightmare on the Pastor and his family. I think having a team around you makes all the difference.