Top 33 Victories Part 8

Bob FranquizLeadership

#8 – They didn’t talk to 10 people – they talked to 1 person 10 times!

One thing we haven’t fallen for, is the thing that people say which all Pastors hear from time to time. It’s the old, “Pastor, I’ve talked to several people about this and they think we should __________.” At that moment, EVERY TIME, I say, “Who did you talk to? Let’s get them together so I can understand what’s going on.” Sure enough, I find that it isn’t 10 people they talked to. They just talked to 1 person 10 times. Pastors, don’t fall for this. I believe when people share things with us they are sincere, but while they have zeal, we are supposed to have the big picture in mind. So don’t let one conversation with one person and 10 of their imaginary friends deter you from what God has called you to.