Top 33 Victories Part 7

Bob FranquizLeadership

#7 – I let my wife be herself

My wife never felt comfortable in the typical role of a pastor’s wife. While my wife is a gifted teacher, she has never felt the urge or the call to run a Women’s ministry. She doesn’t lead worship or play the organ, yet since we started Calvary there has been pressure by some to force her into that cookie cutter mold. My heart for her has always been that she be herself and that she find the ministry that God has for her. For some reason, people have this idea that the Pastor’s wife is supposed to be the female version of the Pastor and that’s just not always the case. My wife has found an amazing way to serve God in our church by producing most of the video that we do. While most don’t know that, that;s what Carey spends most of her week working on and the result is that we have always had incredible video segments in our services. She would have never discovered that gift had I pushed her into being someone that she isn’t. And we all benefit because she is contributing from a place of gifting rather than compulsion.