Top 33 Victories Part 6

Bob FranquizLeadership

#6 – Our resources have always reflected our priorities

Since we started, we’ve said that 3 areas would always have top priority:  Teaching, worship, & children’s ministry.  Five years later, those are the areas that we give most to in our budget & personnel resources.  Each of these areas has a full-time staff member, and these are the areas that we seek to lead new volunteers to serving in.  The reason: it’s the place where the greatest impact can be made.  A new couple walking into our church won’t stay if the teaching & worship are amazing but the children’s ministry is scary.  They won’t leave their newborn with us and our opportunity to reach them with the Gospel will be hindered.  At the same time, James Dobson could be running our children’s ministry, but if the message is about as exciting as watching paint dry, say goodbye to that young family because they won’t be returning.  So we’ve made these areas a priority because they are a priority to everyone else.  And to not recognize that will minimize the effectiveness that God desires for us to have.