Top 33 Victories Part 5

Bob FranquizLeadership

#5 – We’ve tried to do everything with excellence

I wish I could say that we have succeeded 100% in this, but we’ve come pretty close.  When we start Calvary Fellowship, we said that if we couldn’t do something with excellence, we wouldn’t do it at all.  For us, the idea of crooked bulletins, out of tune singers, and half baked messages was a no-no from day one.  We’ve always said that "Good enough" is not part of our vocabulary.  So we tried to do things that looked like we were a church 5 times the size we were.  Too many times, the idea of "We’re a small church, they’ll understand" permeates church plants.  THat’s a shame to me.  I remember being a church of 20 people and talking about how excellence honors God and that anything less is not acceptable.  The wonderful thing is that the staff at CF totally gets this and now owns this principle.  They won’t let anything have our name of it without totally believing this is the very best we can do.