Top 33 Victories Part 4

Bob FranquizLeadership

#4 – We made training a priority

One of the things we have done well is make training a priority on our staff.  I buy books for our staff to read and even give office time to read them. We discuss what we are reading and talk about the ideas they give us. I do a training session with our staff every month discussing
different areas of ministry. We also go to conferences that we feel will help us be more effective.  Before I went into ministry, I had a boss that was serious about traning.  We asked him about it and talked to him about the fact that a person or company could spend lots of dollars training someone, only to have them leave.  His response was amazing.  He said, ¨It´s true that if you do train they might leave.  But what´s worse, having them trained and they leave or having them not trained and they stay?¨  Point taken…