Top 33 Mistakes Part 10

Bob FranquizLeadership

#10 – I didn’t wait for people to catch up

As a leader, you are reading books, listening to messages, and talking to other leaders about what needs to take place in your church. Yet once you are ready to make a change, it’s really time to start casting the vision about the change or new initiative. Yet because we are 5 steps ahead of people because we’ve read the book, heard the CD, or had the conversation, we don’t want to wait for people to catch up with what we have already wrestled through. It’s funny because it took us 6 months to come to the conclusion we came to, but we want people to hear something for the first time and decide in 6 minutes. That’s just not fair. People don’t hate change as much as everyone says. People just need time (like we did) to process and see the wisdom in making the turn. As I look back, I had a lot of great ideas, and they were the right thing to do, but I just didn’t them too quickly without having the emotional intelligence to consider where everyone else was…