Top 33 Mistakes Part 8

Bob FranquizLeadership

#8 – We tried to do too much too soon

This is the classic trap of any church plant. I’ve seen a hundred times and experienced it myself. What’s funny is that this is the 1 thing I said I wouldn’t do and I still got sucked into its’ gravitational pull. There is a thrill in starting new things. It’s one of the reasons we planted a church instead of taking over an established church. In the excitement of it all, we want to keep that fire burning and we start things that are good, but later on end up biting us in the rear end! We want to have everything the big church down the street has, so we start having Bible studies and groups meeting every night and we never realize that we are frying ourselves and our volunteers out. Besides, we can’t do everything we are instituting with excellence. Once I opened my eyes and saw what I was doing, we started cutting activities that God had never asked to be involved in at that time. Since then, some of those activities have returned, but only when they could be done with excellence. So go slow on pulling the trigger on starting new stuff or you could end up shooting yourself in the foot!