Top 10 Things I learned in New York City

Bob FranquizChurch

There was plenty I learned while in New York last week, but here are a few of the highlights…

1. There are so many thing vying for people’s attention (Times Square was the epitome of that)

2. For 80% of Christians, Membership in a church is the last step in spiritual growth they take

3. “Creativity is having an idea/ Innovation is putting it into practice”

4. The most important question to answer is “because”, not just “why”

5. You can’t have to many signs

6. Finding a seat is what makes people feel most anxious (think first day of 6th grade at a new school)

7. People will endure almost any “what” if the “why” is worth it

8. People repeat what’s rewarded

9. Every step you add, you lower the percentage of participation

10. Assimilation is about preparing for the harvest before it happens