Time Change!

Bob FranquizChurch

Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s time to spring forward and set our clock AHEAD one hour on Saturday night!

This means we are going to LOSE one hour of sleep on Saturday night. This means we will probably need an extra cup of coffee on Sunday morning. Our cafe will be fully rockin’ in the morning to meet your needs.

Let me say that missing church over the time change is the lamest excuse ever (okay, 2nd lamest. I know a guy who said he missed church because he said he got a bad haircut – true story).

Jesus Christ rose from the dead. I think we can find it within ourselves to get up on Sunday an hour early to invest in our spiritual lives. Yes, that was a major guilt trip ­čÖé

See you then! I’ll be speaking on how to deal with our differences in marriage. Don’t miss it!