Time Management Tips Part 5

Bob FranquizChurch

“What is the most valuable use of my time right now?” – this is a question that I ask myself a few times a day. I have a limited amount of time to accomplish a huge amount of tasks. This requires me to decide what gets done, delegated, delayed, or deleted.

1. What gets Done – this is the stuff that is most important on my list. It is the stuff that only I can do.

2. What gets Delegated – anything that someone else can do. The general rule is that if a person can do a task 75% as well as you, it should be delegated.

3. What gets Delayed – there are things that I need to do, but they aren’t a priority. So they get delayed until I can give them the proper time. This is especially true of things that you need to do but aren’t time sensitive.

4. What gets Deleted – This is the nonsense that comes across my desk. This is the stuff that has no benefit engaging in (i.e. answering an irate email from a person who’s mind you aren’t going to change).

I look at everything I have to do through this lens. The truth is, you’re probably doing too much. This has helped me sort through everything that comes my way.