Time Management Tips Part 3

Bob FranquizChurch

Eat That Frog! – I got this tip from a book by the same title, but the principle is so true! If eating a frog is on your list of things you have to do in a given day, here’s the tip – eat the frog first! If not, the frog will be looming over you all day and you won’t accomplish much because you’ll be distracted.

If your frog is a conversation you need to have, then have it first thing in the morning so you can get it out of the way and you can get on with your day. If it’s a project that has to get done, then do it and get on with your life. You’ll be glad you did.

The best part is this – eating a frog (whatever that is for you) is probably the worst thing you’ll have to deal with that day, so your day can only get better from there ­čÖé