Thursday Stuff…

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– Had a great time with a great friend last night. 

– Times like these make me realize how important it is to have close friends you can talk about anything with. 

– My kids are growing up so fast. I know they're young, but it feels like time is flying. 

– I love the Kindle, but I miss reading "real" books. I need both in my life 🙂

– I know I've been obsessing over the "7 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail" seminar that I'm leading today, but I'm as excited about this seminar as I've been about anything we've done at  

– Just started watching NCIS: Los Angeles. It's quickly becoming my new favorite show on TV. 

– It's been a crazy week filled with board meetings, staff meetings and other garden variety meetings

– Looking forward to teaching this weekend on the Wise Men in Proverbs – it's not the 3 guys you're thinking of 🙂

– Just got done outlining by January series in the book of Esther. It's going to be awesome! 

– We are 83 days away from launching our Miramar campus. And yes, I'm a little nervous 🙂

– But for the record, I'm more excited! 

– Looking forward to the Worship concert we're doing on Friday. All the proceeds are going to the launch of the new campus.  It's going to be a great time! 

– OK, time to look over my notes for my Seminar today…