Thoughts on Publishing… (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of a post that I wrote a week ago. You may want to read part one before reading this. If you don’t, I won’t be hurt.

When it comes to publishing, you’ve got basically 2 options: Self publish or shop your manuscript. Both have advantages and disadvantages. So I’ll list some of them and let you make your own decision:

Advantages to shopping your manuscript and publishing through a traditional publisher:

#1 – There is a perceived sense of being “Legit” when you have major publisher’s logo on the back of your book.

#2 – You have a publisher’s resources in the creation of the book that can make the book better (Graphics, editing, marketing, etc…)

#3 – There are doors that open for speaking/ book promotion due to being “on the roster” of a publisher.

#4 – You will probably sell more books off the bat. Publishers already have major distribution set up and sales reps that go to bookstores and take orders.

There are probably many more (If the guys who have signed with a major publisher could chime in, we would all be the better for it)…

Downsides to signing with a major publisher:

Having talked with someone who has a major publishing deal, here’s the complaint…

#1 – There really is no marketing other what you do – Only books that are a sure thing to sell get promoted. The funny part is, those are the books that don’t need very much promotion! So at the end of the day, it’s still up to you to get out there and try to sell books through speaking, signings, etc…

#2 – The money isn’t very good – I know you are the most nobel of creature, but the power bill is still due. Authors that use traditional publishers usually make about $1 on a book that retails for $19.99. If you write the Purpose Driven Life that doesn’t matter. If you don’t sell 20 million copies, that may matter to you.

#3 – It takes forever for a book to be released – A manuscript that you submit probably won’t be printed for at least 12 months. That’s the average. Some have experienced less and others say it’s closer to 18 months, but 12 seems to be the average.

Once again, there are others. But this should get you thinking.

So what are the upsides and downsides to self-publishing? Tomorrow…