Thoughts Swimming in my Head…

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– Today could be the best day of the year! The weather is absolutely gorgeous! It’s 63 degrees in Miami today. Now I remember why I live here. Someone remind of this fact in Mid-July 🙂
Tonight is our Missions Concert! This is going to be amazing! We’re been planning this for months, so I’m really excited about finally seeing it and raising a bunch of $$ to give away!
– I’ll be reviewing a book I’m reading this weekend. It’s fantastic, even though the title is a little weird.
– Carey had pink eye yesterday, but woke up today and it was all gone! She’s feeling great! Thank you Jesus!
– My daughter has this high-pitched scream she’s been doing when she gets happy that’s so funny. It’s also ear-piercing 🙂 I’m looking to see if the windows in my house shatter!
– I started using Leopard’s RSS feeder in Mail. It’s pretty cool. I’ll let you know if Bloglines is out of a job or not.
– I was in Tampa yesterday for a great coaching meeting with a group of Pastors. I learned a great deal.
– I’m so excited about our new series “Loaded Questions”. This is going to be a challenging series for our church. I’m looking forward to seeing what God does.
– I’m behind on my message prep… I’m out!