Thoughts on Evangelism from a Non-Evangelist

Bob FranquizChurch

I am amazed that God has allowed Calvary Fellowship to be much an evangelistic church that reaches primarily unchurched people.  

The reason I'm so amazed is because I'm not an evangelist.  I'm a Bible teacher. That's my sweet spot. Teaching through books of the Bible and feeding God's people.  

While that's my primary gifting, my passion is to see lost people found. Nothing give me greater joy than to see a lost person give their life to Jesus and start growing in their faith.  

This week I'm going to talk about how that happens in our context at Calvary.  I hope this series of posts will be encouraging to you and maybe help you if you're a non-evangelist seeking to reach lost people.  

To know how we create an environment to reach lost people, check out our resource, "How to Make every Sunday like Easter" by clicking here