Thoughts from Vacation… Plus a little Sunday Stuff.

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– I'm having a great time with my family.  

– Loved teaching the "Pillars of a Healthy Church" seminar. Got to meet some great Pastors doing amazing things in New England. 

– I ate at a place called Max Burger 3 times. I ate the same meal each time: A burger called the "Fatty Melt". It's a cheeseburger with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. The top grilled cheese sandwich has tomato and the bottom one has bacon. Amazing burger! 

– I taught at Calvary Fellowship in Hartford. Great church led by Bill LaMorey who is knocking it out of the park! To see what God is doing in Connecticut (the least churched state in America) is awesome!

– On Saturday we went to an orchard and picked raspberries. I will never again complain about the cost of fruit ­čÖé

– Most of this week is just downtime with my family. 

– I'm looking forward to catching the Sox at Fenway on Tuesday.