Thou shalt not covet…

Bob FranquizBooks

Have you seen the new Amazon Kindle? It’s basically an ipod for books with serving as iTunes.

I love the idea for several reasons:

1. It reminds me of the data pads used on Start Trek ­čÖé

2. It’s awesome to be able to carry 200 books with you at all times.

3. Books download into it in 60 seconds.

4. The books look like paper and not like .pdf’s when you’re reading them.

5. It can help me with my shelf space problem.

Let’s be honest, this is where the future is heading. I’m just wondering if readers are ready for it. I know for me, I’d have to mess with one to make my decision (by the way, if anyone at is reading this, feel free to send me a demo). I love the concept. I think the price ($399) is a little steep. But I’m interested to see how this catches on.