Think, Think, Think

Bob FranquizChurch

My daughter watches “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” and if you have kids, you know when there’s a problem to solve, they go into “Think, think, think” mode.

I think as church leaders we tend to go into action mode immediately without taking time to think things through. I was just reading about a man, who rented an office 15 minutes away from his “normal” office that had nothing but a comfortable chair and a CD player for background music. He would go here simply to think.

One wise man said if people would stop to think for 30 minutes a day, they would blow away their competition who never take the time to think.

We compete against a lot (Namely, the world, the flesh and the Devil). I wonder what would happen if we spent some time thinking, asking God to give us wisdom.

We’d be saying, “This mystery is history.” ­čÖé