The Top 10

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Alright, after watching American Idol last night, here are my reactions:

Overall, this was their worst performance collectively! It seemed like an off night for everyone.

Lisa – You’re going home! She has a good voice, but she need to develop it further. Simon was right. The song was too big for her.

Kelly – I didn’t get it. #1 – I can’t stand country music. #2 – you have to pick songs that showcase your voice. #3 – I hate country music.

Ace – Lame! I love Train, but that was a train wreck!

Taylor – It was OK. I thought his performance was good, but I didn’t get the song.

Mandisa – Good vocal. Not a huge fan of the song. It’s nice to see someone showing their faith in a positive way. Hopefully, Christians won’t get weird on her when she does a “non-Christian” song next week. (Really Christians can get weird? I had no idea)

Chris – I think Chris is great. I don’t think his version of “What if” was great. It was probably my least favorite performance of his. What drives me crazy is that the judges tell him to stay in his zone and then this week got upset for Chris staying in his zone. He’s a rock singer… that’s it. And the judges need to keep a pad and write down the stuff they say to these people.

Katherine – I think she sang well. I liked the song. Her and Chris are my picks for the top 2. My only concern was that outfit. I mean, she looked like an action figure! That outfit was something out of Star Trek. And boots had to go. Do these people actually get paid to be stylists?

Bucky – He’s just not that good. I will refer you to reason #1 & #3 in Kelly’s performance. He goes home next week!

Paris – I actually thought Paris sang very well. She pulled off Beyonce very well. This was probably her best performance and she should have no regrets (A little William Hung reference for those keeping score at home)

Elliott – Great! He was out of key a little, but I love the song. He mixed it up a little. To quote Chris Berman, “He…could…Go…all..the..way!”

Intangibles – I actually missed Kevin! I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to dislike him and talk smack about how he needs to go home. And now that he’s home, I want him to come back so I can talk about him going home. sad…