The Superbowl of Sundays

Bob FranquizChurch

4:30AM – I’m wide awake. Mia is sound asleep. But I think it’s Easter that’s got me awake.

This is the Superbowl of Sundays! It’s the most important Sunday of the year because it’s the day everyone stops to celebrate the fact that there’s an empty tomb.

I believe God wants to rock our community with His message of love. I believe He wants to use CF in getting that message out.

We sent out 80,000 postcards inviting our community to come celebrate Easter with us. We’ve sent out tons of e-vites through our website. We’ve given out countless personal invitations. We’re praying like crazy for God to do something miraculous.

So I’m asking all who call CF home to pray like you’ve never prayed before, invite like you’ve never invited before, and then on Sunday, let’s celebrate like we’ve never celebrated before!

Sunday is the most important day of the year! The tomb is empty…let’s act like it!