The Stewardship of People

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the things we have not done well is assimilation. We are seeking to correct that problem. We’re blessed because in spite of our lack of organization in this area, we’ve never had a problem getting to visit or come back. Yet there are still people who fall through the cracks.

I used to think of assimilation (We call it integration – assimilation says, “You will become like us.” Integration says, “Adding you will change us.” – Huge difference) as a church growth tool. Today I think of it as the stewardship of people. God leads people (both Christian and pre-Christian alike) to visit churches. We have experienced this blessing over the last 5 years. However, I just recently started looking at this this from the perspective that this is a blessing that needs to be stewarded appropriately.

If we don’t take guests seriously and make it easy for them to plug in, then we aren’t being faithful to God’s blessings. So it stops now! We’re taking it seriously because we want to be found faithful in every area of ministry!