The Sounds of My Past…

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I was in a couple of bands before I went to Bible College and went into the ministry.

One was this band, which was Christian. It’s amazing people still are into the band.

The other was a band called Amboog-a-Lard that I was in with my friend Jeordie, who later left to become Twiggy from Marilyn Manson. Anyway, I just saw that he posted all of our stuff on his website. Some of the stuff I didn’t play on, because I joined the band later. But you can check out our stuff here. The mp3’s are free if you want to listen.

I left because I became a Christ follower and felt called to do something else with my life. I still loved the music (This stuff was written and recorded from 1990-1993), but felt God calling me to go into ministry. So I felt, then joined Strongarm for a season, after which I got engaged to my wife and started college, so a choice had to be made and my music career ended.

Warning: This is Metal! There may be language that isn’t appropriate for kids (I wasn’t a Pastor back then.) But thanks to Jeordie and everyone else who put these songs up because I didn’t have 1/2 of them! So feel free to turn it up to 11.