The Reality of Church Work

Bob FranquizChurch

People are under the impression that church work is easy. I talk to people who say, “You guys at church have it easy. You sit around waiting for the phone to ring. You pray and read the Bible all day until someone needs help.” These comments make me feel like Clubber Lang did about Rocky Balboa: “I’m gonna hurt him…real bad!” The truth is church work is probably the most grueling work there is. I believe it can be fun and rewarding, but it’s not easy. so here’s my list of the not-so-fun-stuff in church world:

#1 – teaching a message on tithing with a bunch on first-time guests on the house!
#2 – counseling a couple when one of them doesn’t want to be there
#3 – Dealing with church people who don’t get it
#4 – Dealing with church people who still don’t get it
#5 – Asking someone to leave the church
#6 – Having to say no
#7 – Feeling forced to say yes
#8 – dealing with church people who refuse to get it
#9 – staff conflict
#10 – People’s expectations

What did I miss?