The Mutant Gene

Bob FranquizChurch

Carey and I saw X-Men 3 on Saturday night and it was amazing. I’m blown away by how great each of these movies has been. It seems as though each sequel was better than the next. But as we were walking out, we started talking about how both sides of the mutant world had so much in common except one thing.

We talked about the differences between Professor X and Magneto and the types of leaders they were and we came down to one thing that made them so different: Integrity.

Like every mutant who had special gifts, so too every Christian is gifted by God, but what causes Christians to fail and fall is never a problem with their gifts, it’s a problem with their integrity. Christians are called hypocrites, not because they use their God-given gifts, but because their gifts are taking them further than their integrity can sustain them.