The Big Idea Book Review

Bob FranquizBooks

I just finished The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson. The book is fantastic. Tons of practical stuff. Really insightful. I was amazed by the amount of time they take in preparing each series they do. Honestly, I was convicted by it. They outline how they communicate to their church at every level. It is an involved process, but it seems like once you got into the rhythm of it, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

They are adamant about communicating one truth at a time. This is something I’m serious about as well. It’s similar to the one point preaching style that Andy Stanley is making famous to a new generation of preachers. The thing they are doing is communicating one truth to every level (adults, students, kids). They talk about their staff culture, leadership structure, team teaching approach, and fun stuff that they do. All in all, a great book! I highly recommend it!