The Top 100

Bob FranquizChurch

I just got done creating a bookmark folder with the website of the 100 largest churches in America and the 100 fastest growing churches in America according to Outreach magazine.

I think this is an important exercise for any Pastor because I believe these are churches we should learn from.

I’m guessing that all pro golfers lear from Tiger and all basketball players learn from Koby. We should learn from those who are getting it done.

Here’s a couple of observations I had:

– This is the most diverse group of churches I’ve ever seen. Every church listed is an different as the next church on the list.

– Each Pastor on this list isn’t trying to be someone else. They all seems thought they’re comfortable being themselves.

– They have a heart to reach people. Every Pastor whose name I knew on that list has a heart for evangelism. I believe this is one of the distinctives of this group.

– They’re all over the US. Almost every state in America is represented. That means, there’s no whining about how heard your area is. Figure out how to reach people and do it!