The Tools to Grow your Church this Fall

Bob FranquizGeneral


Dear Pastor,

We are 2 weeks away from the Pull Conference.

This is going to be a great event with 8 gifted speakers talking about how to grow your church this Fall.

Our goal is to help you grow this Fall and have an explosive Christmas.

That’s why I’m doing a a live Q and A call on September 12th at 3PM to give you even more practical teaching.

This is the kind of exclusive teaching I do for our Evangelism Ninja coaching members, but I want to make it available to you.

Simply go here to sign up for the conference.

You can also register for the pre-conference event as well.

This is going to be a great event filled with practical insight for you and your team.

Here’s the best part: there’s no travel expenses or conference fees. It’s totally free.

So sign up here to participate.

See you then!



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship