The Tale of 2 Gospel Presentations

Bob FranquizChurch

I recently ran across an outline for a message out of the book of Romans that I preached in the first year of our church.

I looked over the notes and thought they were still pretty good even though they were 10 years old.

Here’s the odd part: I was teaching Romans again when I found them.

I had taught the same area of scripture just a few weeks before, so I thought it would be fun to compare the notes.

10 years later I thought my 2011 message was more polished, but all in all, the messages were very much the same.

Except for one thing.

A really big thing.

The 2011 message saw more than 20 first time decisions as well as several recommitments and the 2001 message had Zero.Zip. Zilch. by way of decisions.

What was the difference?

Was one more Gospel centered? Nope.

Did the second message have a clearer Gospel presentation? No, sorry, but thanks for playing.

After wracking my brain to find out the difference, here’s what it was: in 2011 there were dozens of unchurched people in the crowd and in 2001 there were none.

Here’s the deal: this can be the biggest Christmas in the history of your church, but you’re going to have to get lots of unchurched people to your church to hear the Gospel.

That’s why we’re offering our “Double your Decisions this Christmas” webinar today and tomorrow (November 22 and 23).

There’s 4 convenient times to choose from for you and your team to participate:

Today (Tuesday, November 22 @ 11AM EST and 3PM EST)
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This 35 minute webinar is going to give you 5 simple strategies for getting unchurched people into your church and help you lead them to make a decision for Christ!

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