The Secret that Makes Reaching People (Almost) Effortless

Bob FranquizChurch

I remember planting Calvary 11 years ago and having difficulty reaching people.

It seemed so hard to get someone to attend one of our services.

Then. Something. Happened.

In a word: buzz.

There’s something powerful about buzz.

Buzz is that intangible interest that gets people talking about something.

I discovered that when Calvary got buzz, reaching people became (almost) effortless.

People started inviting their friends and family at record rates.

We started seeing people make first time decisions to follow Jesus in our services every week.

Before buzz, outreach felt like pushing a truck up hill…exhausting.

Afterwards, it was like the drop on a roller coaster… we were hanging on for dear life.

In our next Outreach Ninja coaching call, we have special guest Mark Hughes, best selling author of Buzz Marketing (which is IMHO the best book on buzz ever written).

Mark is going lay out how to create buzz, how to sustain buzz, and how to make our churches the worst kept secret in our communities.

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