The Portable Church Challenge

Bob FranquizChurch

Since we started Calvary Fellowship in the year 2000, we’ve been portable, meeting in several different locations over the years. Needless to say, we’ve learned a thing or two about being a portable church and reaching people.

Because of our desire to help portable churches, Nelson Searcy and I recorded a resource called, “The Portable Church Challenge” where we talk about the 10 commandments of being portable. I’m really proud of this recording and I believe it will be very helpful to churches that don’t have a permanent location. I’ve consulted with many portable churches and many of them tend to make the same mistakes. My hope is that this resource will help Pastors avoid these mistakes and be even more effective in creating excellent services in a portable situation.

We’ve included diagrams of our set-up, plus .pdf’s and .psd’s of much of our signage so churches can replace our name with theirs and have quality signage that’s already developed for them.

CLI is offering a $20 off coupon this week (enter: blog112 in the coupon section) for this new resource. I hope it’s blessing to you.