The Ninja Secret to Unlimited Leaders

Bob FranquizLeadership

I am deeply committed to seeing leaders raised up at every level at Calvary. I know that’s important to you as well.

There really is a secret to raising up lots and lots of leaders.

It’s not calling staffing companies and combing through resumes.

Makes. me. want. to. gag.

Instead, the key to unlimited leaders is making your leadership system part of the DNA of for church.

Everyone needs to know about it.

Even though who don’t participate.

They need to know that everyone who enters your leadership development process gets developed, discipled, and dispatched into greater levels of ministry.

When everyone knows that your leadership development is the place to be, that’s when you’ll stop having a leadership shortage.

Leadership Ninja kicks off in 6 days and we are leading off with a session on building your leadership system.

A system that trains and develops leaders at every level.

So if you’re interested, grab your nunchucks and run over to