The Nightmare Scenario for Your Christmas Services

Bob FranquizGeneral


Hey Pastor,

There is something worse than not having a big turnout to your Christmas services.

You’re thinking: there could be something worse than that?


It’s having lots of people attend and see them not return.

There are several reasons why this happens, but the most common reason is not having a strategy to help newcomers return.

The greatest stewardship we are entrusted with is the stewardship of people.

Don’t let precious newcomers and new believers slip through the cracks.

Implement a strategy that will close the back door of your church and put first time guests on a track to grow spiritually at your church.




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Imagine implementing the following skills in your church:

  • How to help people gladly you give you contact information so you can follow up
  • Learn what kind of next steps get ignored and which are taken
  • Discover the 1 things churches do that actually repels newcomers
  • The 3 most vital connection points for newcomers in your church
  • Discover how to create “raving fans” from a newcomers first visit
  • Understand the kind of environment that newcomers best respond to
  • The kind of follow up that causes people to act
  • The “Secret Weapon” that closes the back door. Every church has it, but few use it

Your church can experience massive growth at Christmas and carry that momentum into the New Year.

You simply need to close the back door of your church and keep those you reaching.

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Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

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